Home Automation

At Kustom TECH,  we bring together all of your electronics systems into one through our experts who provide a simple, secure, and green solution. Regardless of the complexity, we can integrate all of your home electronic systems into one seamless package, offering you convenience and simplicity.  For apartments, offices, and retrofit installations, we also offer cost-effective, convenient, and easy-to-install upgrade solutions.


Our automation systems give you the ability to control your lights in almost any way imaginable.  From your  living room lights automatically adjusting to the ambient light shining through the windows, to a "goodnight" mode that darkens a room at a specific time, or a vibrant illumination perfect for that special occasion, our lighting control systems are preset to your distinct needs and preferences.



How many times during the day do you get up to adjust the AC temperature, or wake up in the middle of the night because it is either too hot or cold and have to adjust the thermostat? Our state-of-the-art systems provide precise control of each room's temperature throughout your home. You can adjust the temperature to the exact setting that will be comfortable to you and your family throughout the day and night. HVAC systems integrated by Kustom TECH offer automated air conditioning and heating and use intuitive touch panels and keypads. 



Security and monitoring integration systems allow you to arm and disarm any part of your home's security system through a user-friendly touch panel, keypad or remote. Rest easy knowing your home's integrity will be tied into the most advanced control technology.



Now you can remotely adjust your automated shades and curtains.  Our integrated shades not only create a customized mood for each room, but also give you benefits such as reducing cooling costs and protecting your valuable furniture from harmful UV rays.



From recessed speaker systems to acoustically engineered configurations and innovative iPod integration, we can configure an audio solution for any lifestyle. Our dedicated team will help you design an audio distribution structure to get the most out of your music anywhere in your home.  Like our whole house audio distribution services, we also offer a wide range of video distribution solutions based on your individual needs. Our experienced designers will help you choose from the most advanced distribution technologies available. However big or small, Kustom TECH's team will help you choose the right fit for your home. 



Kustom Tech can also provide you with customized lifting and rotating mechanism for your flat screen televisions that will make any floor, wall or ceiling a perfect location to make your TV disappear.